Daniel Damásio Ascensão Filipe

( 01 February 1925 - 06 April 1964 )
  • Literatura
  • poesia
Daniel Filipe

Daniel Filipe was born on Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde, in 1925. He died young in 1964, but left a consistent work marked by feelings of loneliness and exile. He came to Portugal as a child, where he ended up concluding the General High School Course. Collaborator of the magazines "Távola Redonda" and "Notícias do Bloqueio", he debuted in book form in 1949 with "Missiva".

His best known work is perhaps "The invention of Love and Other Poems", published in 1961, after the publication of a novel, The manuscript in the bottle, and the Camilo Pessanha Prize, for the book "A Ilha e a Solidão" (written under the pseudonym of Raymundo Soares), in 1956. Combatant of the Salazar dictatorship, he was persecuted and tortured by PIDE. He worked at the now extinct "Agência-Geral do Ultramar" and in the area of journalism. Much of Daniel Filipe's poetry stands out for its ideological struggle and social commitment, which earned him the stigma of a neo-realist poet.

In 1925 Daniel Damásio Ascensão Filipe was born on the island of Boavista in Cape Verde.As a child, he came to Portugal where he did his high school studies. He fought the Salazar dictatorship, being persecuted and tortured by PIDE.In a short space of time, his poetry evolved from African themes to neo-realistic values and an original intimacy that deals with the individual and the city, love and loneliness.He died in 1964 in Cape Verde.


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