Welcome to info-portal of Cape Verde


1. Introduction

We live in exponential times, in an evolution curve of the available Information and Communication Technologies.

To reach 50 million users, Radio took 38 years.

The Internet needed only four years to match this.

In 2011, Amazon sold more digital than real books.

Since 2011 there are already more smartphones than personal computers in the world. In 2012, Apple sold more mobile than desktop devices ... since it was founded!

At the end of 2012, 57% of Europeans had a smartphone. And of these, 94% also had a tablet.

2. Next horizons

In 2015, it is clear that we are diving into “screen culture” through which we see, touch and move the information.

In 2015, consumers are very different than half a dozen years ago. Today characterized by being multi-platform users (computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, console, etc...), belong to several communities (dubbed "tribes") and consume many hours of online searching.

Permanent access to information is not a fashion. It is already a way of life. The new trends are based on the so-called "Boost Instant Communication", where the requirements of this our new consumer are quite clear:

"Now!" (He wants information anytime, anywhere).

"I can!" (The consumer wants to perform operations and access content of all kinds, their extensions and relevant form).

"Simple" (He requires that interactions are simple and clear, with no learning curve).

3. Informative solutions to promote Cape Verde

Based on this reality, the big question that remains is:

- In the tourist part of Cape Verde, how we monitor and seduce this new audience?

Surely that the answer is wide and cuts across all public and private activities, with regard to the tourist information provided about the country and for the consumer wants to investors, foreign and domestic, it is absolutely crucial that there is a clear and quick answer.

4. System Shared Information (SSI)

CABO VERDE INFO was designed with the original name of SSI CV (Shared Information System Cape Verde) because, following new trends, it aims to give an immediate response and to establish itself as a solid and cross tool for all market players so that Cape Verde's information is relevant, comprehensive, skilled, the most thorough possible, reliable, clear and immediate.

a) Pillars of CABO VERDE INFO

    Technologically, the system is based on two aspects:

  • An information platform where the various contents are stored > Backoffice.
  • A website that presents and makes available the content intuitively and immediately> front-end

b) Structure of CABO VERDE INFO

The information platform is built on a database hierarchical and tends to comprehensive, where all the information related to tourism (textual, photographic and geo-referenced) is organized according to a logical thematic distribution, mirroring the reality of Cape Verde:

  • Practical Guide (preliminary useful information)
  • Islands (maps, images, map, Places, Tourist Sites, Infrastructure, Services, and Events).
  • Identity (Culture, Demography, Geography, History, Environment, Personalities)
  • Modern Economics (Clusters, Business, Investment, Law, Liberal Professions)
  • Society (Diaspora, Education, Justice, Politics and Administrative Organization, Religion, Health and Welfare, Civil Society)
  • Building (Interviews, Reports, Publications, Legislation, Conferences, Debates, Papers ...)

c) Dynamics of CABO VERDE INFO

  • Interconnection and feed content

        All contents are pertinently related and final publication of all possible and relevant interconnections is shown.

  • The constant feed platform is intended to be collaborative, open to the whole community (without borders) and designed to be intuitive and easy for all stakeholders (individuals, businesses, public or private institutions inside or outside of Cape Verde) to contribute as much information as possible, in quantity and quality.
  • All this information will have a quality stamp and will be certified by the project promoter (which in turn validates the information to third parties with them), ensures that the end consumer will only get qualified and certified contente.
  • Complementarity with other sources of information
  • Despite the depth of the content, it is intended that the platform is not seen as a single piece in the vast panorama of Cape       Verde, but as a complement to all existing information systems, often serving as a simple driver bringing us to websites or other   channels with further information on certain theme or volatile nature, always with a link to a private or public organization - the best guarantee for up-to-date information.

d) Front end

  • The construction of the front end is based on the most current technology, both as regards the design, and either to the used programming methods and language.
  • The design level was taken into account the latest assumptions of User Interface and User Experience. Simple look, intuitive and following the latest trends in flat design.

e) Receptors

  • The interface is built on a block structure to facilitate responsive adaptation to different devices, whether desk-top, note book or smart-phone, emphasizing comprehensive solutions, even if sometimes there is to sacrifice some design refinements that new technologies allow.
  • The adaptability is transverse, in terms of form or the content.
  • Whatever the use, time and place, all information can be accessed simply and immediately and the contents are automatically made available according to the device used. Televisions, computers or tablets accessing all content, extensive and complete or summarized; smartphones accessing in the first instance a summarized content and in the second instance, if desired, the entire contents.

f) Summary

In short, CABO VERDE INFO, from the construction point of view, is a database based on the latest technology, dynamic, interactive, connective, responsive, with automatic geo-tagging, focused update, giving credits of author identification, producing statistics and reports on request, providing interfaces to applications and URL links to external information channels, operating in / out.


As the breadth and depth structural assumptions of CABO VERDE INFO, some notes will require the attention of all the players in Tourism and Cape Verdean economy, public or private, being generally regarded, as agreed, that the tourism industry is transversal, and concerns so the whole structure of a society, even to those who, by absurd, not known or practiced Tourism.

Note 1 - Clusters

  1. The institution of the info CABO VERDE INFO is a kaleidoscope of criteria (institutional, corporate, legal, economic, cultural, etc.), according to the perspective in which we need to take advantage.
  2. Focusing on the user, through the application of different dynamics that have been inoculated by applicable technology (see Technology Framework).
  3. In economistic shed CABO VERDE INFO offers the user an approach by clusters, in which context Tourism (leitmotiv of this tool) assumes an aggregator role and locomotive thanks to its trans-versality.
  4. Being CABO VERDE INFO a process and not a finished work, only when the phase of content creation is ready enough then approach to the clusters will become truly visible from the front till the end.

Note 2 - Background History, versus scan utility

  1. All information content regarding CABO VERDE INFO, until the time of consultation, will thicken its historical aspect, no less important and useful the information and construction goals that this tool intends to make available to those who need it.
  2. Already the demarche of a query to a tool with the breadth and depth that CABO VERDE INFO offers, search often beyond a static information, that is the role of a construction tool of a project, a plan, a solution, require not only the present "to the second" and the surgical accuracy of data, but also some momentum and data processing interactivity that matches a reliable scan of the situation “hic et nunc.”
  3. Once agai it’s a lymphatic channel of the technologies that shapes it (interactivity, connectivity, automation, geo-referencing, interfaces for applications, URL, etc.) that makes CABO VERDE INFO responds positively to such demanding applications.

Note 3 - Dimensions of CABO VERDE INFO

CABO VERDE INFO is loaded with various levels of information (essentially six):

  a) Script / guide for a quick overview and approach, like basic guide;

  b) Developed content;

  c) Specific items, theme, joined the main articles in way of footnotes;

  d) Images, whether static or dynamic;

  e) Maps with geo-referencing;

  f) Information URL for autonomous entities.

Note 4 - Terminals “shows and search”

As stated in Technological Framework, the CABO VERDE INFO delivers responsive information for the entire range of known receptor (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, console, etc.).

Note 5 - Adding and updating the information contained in CABO VERDE INFO

Over the life of CABO VERDE INFO, the system will retain a shed "Wikipedia", which will allow anyone to improve interventions by offering new content in existing modifications or amendments; these interventions will be subject to validation.

Note 6 - aggregative function of CABO VERDE INFO

Among the inputs we received during the construction phase and initial launching of CABO VERDE INFO, should highlight one that does not respect the content but has special relevance: several organizations recommend that CABO VERDE INFO can serve to strengthen ties between the various players in the Tourism, not only, in addition to its natural mission, the report also providing facilitators services to investors, operators, organizations and citizens, these services (legal advice, economic, financial and cultural, vocational training, licensing ...) which could turn out to be linked to other providers, such as Chambers of Commerce, Development Companies, Municipalities, Public Administration, NGOs, Churches, Schools, Universities, IGQPI, UCRE, CI, ADEI, Citizen houses, etc. ..

Here is a vast life potential for CABO VERDE INFO, well beyond the launch and availability of service to all (people and organizations) how much are interested in meeting and interacting with Cape Verde.

Note 7 - Images

CABO VERDE INFO includes in its structure icons, maps and plans, as well as use of colour, but obeying a certain low profile to avoid transmitting noise inhibitor which lower the usage.

Till now we are adding photos and audio and audio-visual pieces which number and volume comply with technical and aesthetic content, always focusing on the end-user.

The applications like Google Earth and Wikimapia greatly enrich CABO VERDE INFO, providing rigor, wealth and attractiveness to the entire collection of geographically reference-able information.

Note 8 - Bridges for the Diaspora

CABO VERDE INFO, working beyond the spatiotemporal limitations, is the ideal way to build bridges of respect and entrepreneurship between the resident country and the country of diaspora, whose enormous potential for the construction of the Cape Verdean nation, inside and outside the national territory is evident.

Here too, it is to bring down bureaucratic barriers, ignorance and resistance for cooperation, not only between Cape Verdeans or around the world, but also between people, organizations, countries and markets interested in Cape Verde.

Note 9 - National Strategic Plan for Tourism

CABO VERDE INFO contains all the seeds for base vectors of a Strategic Tourism Plan of Cape Verde in the medium term, in conjunction with Cape Verde Chamber of Tourism, with the various organizations that relate directly or indirectly to TOURISM.

Note 10 - TMS (Tourism Management System)

Finally, CAPE VERDE info is prepared to host a reservation system that takes all the existing offer in Cape Verde to the world, online.

You are part of the growing number of users of a smartphone that access to content available on the Net.

In CABO VERDE INFO you can access, in brief or extended mode, comprehensive information, tends to comprehensive, in any dimension (geographical, historical, artistic, cultural, economic, political, religious, social ...) of Cape Verde.

Being the vocation of the public and private organizations of Tourism of Cape Verde, in constructive cooperation, to  serve all players that fall in the tourism industry of this country, a tropical archipelago of 10 islands and 16 islets posted in mid-Atlantic, inhabited by a "sui generis" people with a history and a very specific culture, still little known, the www.caboverde-info.com structure seeks to identify the tourist offer of Cape Verde and make it available in all its richness, to anyone who is interested in this destination.

It is a task needed complex and hardworking solution, because as is well known tourism across involves the entire life of a destination, but it is exciting, convinced that we are both in the country and the world, face Cape Verde as a tourist destination facing the future, in which it is natural to enjoy not only the sun and the sea, which bathes this country abundantly, but also the knowledge of a cultural, social, single economic and historic not even explored, with access to amazing experiences of multi-modal meeting the recreational needs, aesthetic, social, sustainable enjoyment of nature and many others that characterize the aspirations of the new wave of tourists.

Feel free to browse this site and harvest in it the pleasure of an amazing discovery.

Luís Carvalho, Armando Ferreira