Practical Guide

Capital City


Official Language

Portuguese, Crioulo

Time Difference

UTC: (­‑1h Autumn/Winter), UTC:­‑1 (­‑2 Spring/Summer)

International Dial Code



Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE)

Electric Current

220 V

Climate and Temperature

Dry-tropical with two seasons:
Dry season: December till July, more windy weather.
Raining season: August till October.

Practical Advices

Consume only bottled water.
All food should be well cooked, including vegetables, and to eat peeled fruits.
The milk must be boiled and its derivatives avoided.
Wear light and fresh cotton clothes and light sweater, once travelling in winter time.

Necessary Documents

• Passport.
• Visa: you can apply for it on Cape Verdean embassy or upon arrival (on the airport).


• No vaccination needed to enter Cape Verde.
• It's recommended to take some anti-diarrhea pills with you.


Tips are not obligatory in the restaurants and bars.

But, it's always a nice gesture to leave some small change for the personal, once you are satisfied. 


There are 2 mobile operators on the islands: "CV TELECOM" and "UNITEL T+".

To buy a SIM-card you do not need to show your passport or to do any registration.

The local calls are pretty cheap, the price of international calls depends on destination you are calling to.

Both mobile operators offer also DATA-SIM with 3G internet. Nowadays the tariffs are very cheap and the 3G internet network covers all the islands.

On all airports, harbors, main squares and main streets is working free WI-FI provided by government. Nevertheless, it's working very slowly.