José Lopes da Silva

( 15 January 1872 - 02 September 1962 )
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José Lopes da Silva

José Lopes da Silva, born in São Nicolau, was born on January 15, 1872, learned to read with Canon Machado and studied at the Liceo Seminary, whose course he completed and was a student of Canon Joaquim da Silva Caetano.
Self-taught, he later learned the English language for himself. In his native island he deprived with poets and intellectuals such as Custódio José Duarte and Alfredo Troni.

In 1891 he emigrated to Angola, at the invitation of Alfredo Troni, who employed him on his Hoco farm, in Cazengo, and also worked in Oeiras, near the river Lucala. This was his only absence from the archipelago during his entire life. Afflicted by a serious biliosa, he returned to Cape Verde to never leave his islands again. He returned to the city of Praia where he worked at Casa Serra.

Governor Serpa Pinto, who appreciated his literary qualities, appointed him a primary school teacher and was placed on the island of Boa Vista. He lived there for six years (1894-1900) during which time he developed an intense cultural activity.

He was transferred to the Main School of the Ponta de Sol Village, on the island of Santo Antão. On this island, where he lived 28 years (1900-1928) and was teacher of the future professor Martinho Nobre de Melo, kept, at least since 1900, a private school of French and English language teaching and History and Geography, a school that the provincial government subsidized since that year taking into account both the teaching in that school was fruitful which was proven by the high number of students presented for examination in subjects taught by that teacher.

By Presidential Decree No. 3/95 of 2 February, was awarded, posthumously, by the President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. António Mascarenhas Monteiro, with the Second Degree of the Order of Dragoeiro and the First Class Medal of Merit. In the city of Mindelo has a bust in his memory in a square with his name, near the house where he lived.

José Lopes da Silva, a native of São Nicolau, was born on January 15, 1872 as a teacher, journalist and Cape Verdean poet.

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